"Nunca dudes que un grupo pequeño de ciudadanos comprometidos puedan ser capaces de cambiar al mundo, de hecho, ha sido lo único que lo ha cambiado."
(Margaret Mead)

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011


Vídeos/Conferencia/Conference; Daragh Mc Inerney (Spain)
Audio Original

Martin Luther king said “I have a dream.”

He dreamed of equality, of justice, of freedom. We have films that are called ‘cry freedom’, I reluctantly admit to balling my eyes out crying when Mel Gibson yelled freedom in Braveheart, it’s some thing that people can almost universally identify with.

Human beings aspire to these high ideals, which take us away from the drudgery of everyday existence, that despite the vagrancies of our fortunes, we can have moments of beauty in living up to these high ideals.

And then we have family. Sharing family live with all its challenges, its ups and downs, exploring ways to live together, get along and get to know each other through out our lives.

And this is the point where we have the dramatic music..the imperial march. In one corner, freedom, equality, family life. And in the other, badder than Darth Vader, more poisonous than a black widow, is something with the potential to beat the good guy, knock Rocky out so that he can’t get back up. That thing is two words, when they are put together are a deadlier combination than the two towers in the lord of the rings..what are those two words……obligatory schooling..

The more dangerous danger, the most horrifying horribleness, is the enemy that you don’t know exists. We are born, and for most of us, our parents never considered the possibility that of an education outside of the public school system. We go to school, meet someone, and think about having children, and again, most of us don’t even imagine that there is another possibility.

But there is a knight in shining armour, perhaps sometimes battered and bruised, but willing to stand up to the heartless villain. It’s two words again, but this time, it’s a beautiful combination: educational freedom.

I believe that there can’t be freedom in a society that has says that those two words, obligatory schooling. There can’t be justice, there can’t be equality. If the state decides that this is the only way, it destroys freedom; family life can be very negatively affected because you wouldn’t be able to do something even though every fibre of your being is telling you that you should do so. Is this acceptable? Do we really want freedom or not? Everyone can have children, everyone could be in a situation where they want to take their children out of school, so this is something that affects everyone, it’s a situation that everyone should join forces and put aside their differences to make sure that there is freedom, whether that freedom is in a free school or being educated with their parents.

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